Today we went to Manhattan again, me, Anastasie (France) and Tim (Holland). We walked in Chinatown and Little Italy. It was quite cold today (11 degrees and windy but the sun was shining), but it was nice to see this part of Manhattan even if we were freezing some times. I have no picture from our walk. It’s so much to see at Manhattan so I have no idea how I can experience everything during this time.

Later this afternoon we walked to the Memorial Museum, 9/11. We visited the museum for three hours. It was a really fantastic museum, the best I visit here in NYC. You hear calls from the same day it was happened, experience and memories from people who survived, news from the day and even more. It was one man who called his mother and told here that everything was fine with him, the plane have crashed in the other tower. The call was some minutes or seconds before the second plane was crashing in his tower. It affected me a lot. And a woman who met a fire man outside the two towers, he was only around 19 years old, and she said to him to not enter the building because of it’s too dangerous. He answered that it was his job. It’s difficult to understand how it was of course, but to visit this museum gave a better understanding.

Do you remember this day?

I remember that I came home from school and mum said to me to go to her and see the news on TV. I was only 12 years old and I understood that this was horrible, maybe because of everyone was so sad, but I think it was hard for me to understand and it was even so far away from me then. I can’t remember why I didn’t know what happened before I came home, why they don’t told us in school.

Here is a picture from the museum. “Trying to remember the color of the sky on that Tuesday morning”
“No day shall erase you from the memory of time.”