We supported Brooklyn Nets today, me, Ophelie (Belgium) and Tim (Holland). It was really fun! Much better than Baseball. Maybe because I know the rules in Basket but not in Baseball. It was a good feeling inside the stadium, almost party feeling. We were in the stadium for 3 hours, but I felt it like maybe 1 hour.

Then we went to a roof top bar and drank Irish Coffee. It was cozy and we was enjoying the autumn. It was windy, but it was nice in the sun anyway!

Later I went alone for shopping in West Village. When I visited Gant Rugger I asked “Can you help me to find pants, trousers or what do you call it” (I forgot what word to use in US) The shop assistant answered: “Yeah, pants … Or trousers… What do you call it?” “Byxor”.

And then I found “sockerbit”. I have to celebrate 4 weeks in NY with real candy.

It’s two people from Sweden who opened “Sockerbit”. I have read that even Princess Madeleine visited this store when she lived in NYC.