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Emelie - New York (2015)

Emelies NYC-äventyr

Den 20 september drar jag ensam till New York, med en engelska jag känner mig minst sagt obekväm med.
Målet är att äntligen bli bra på engelska, tänja trygghetszonen och bli ännu starkare i mig själv.

Under tre månader ska jag studera på EF:s skola i Tarrytown och bo i ett rum tillsammans med andra, vilket är långt ifrån det liv som jag lever hemma i Göteborg med make och två katter.

Välkomna att följa min resa!

Field Day

Studierna Posted on Fri, October 23, 2015 05:54:21

We haven’t any classes tomorrow because it’s Field Day. We will choose Mind, Heart or Body and then they put us in different team. If you choose Mind you have to play same games, maybe strategic games and if you choose Heart you will dance and in the afternoon you have to make a performance infront of the school. If you pick Body you will play soccer, go running or something like that.

Actually, I haven’t understand the reason for the Field Day yet, but I think the teachers have education tomorrow.

Update with a photo from Field Day when we builded a bridge.

Next interview

Studierna Posted on Fri, October 23, 2015 05:17:46

It’s time for my second interview tomorrow and I’m nervous of course, but in a good way. I have read a lot about the company but I have to think more about what I can say to convince them. I’m apply for a volunteer position in the HR office. I need to bring my biggest luggage to the interview because when I’m finish I will directly catch the train to Manhattan and meet Sebastian. It will be a great day tomorrow! Honestly, I look forward to the minutes after the interview, even if I’m curious about the company.

Transport time to the company is 10 minutes with car, 55 minutes to walk and nearly the same with bus, because I need to change bus. The public transport in Sweden is the best ever, if you compare it with the US’s.