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Emelie - New York (2015)

Emelies NYC-äventyr

Den 20 september drar jag ensam till New York, med en engelska jag känner mig minst sagt obekväm med.
Målet är att äntligen bli bra på engelska, tänja trygghetszonen och bli ännu starkare i mig själv.

Under tre månader ska jag studera på EF:s skola i Tarrytown och bo i ett rum tillsammans med andra, vilket är långt ifrån det liv som jag lever hemma i Göteborg med make och två katter.

Välkomna att följa min resa!

Time difference – 5 hours

Fritiden Posted on Sun, October 25, 2015 15:52:09

The time difference between Sweden and US is now 5 hours until next sunday, when it’s time for us in US to change time.

Have a great sunday! Now it’s time for a bagel’s breakfast.

I’m happy!

Fritiden Posted on Sun, October 25, 2015 02:36:03

Sebastian is here with me and it’s fantastic. I feel that I’m whole again.

Yesterday I surprised Sebastian with a visit at the rooftop bar The Skylark. I had a reservation and it was good because it was a popular bar and they give us the best couch with a view over Empire State Building. We ate tacos and drank two cocktails each. It was cozy.

This morning we took a walk through Central Park and then we had a real american breakfast with pancakes. Then we went shopping in West Village, walked the High Line and visited Chelsea market. Too crowded in my opinion.

This 10 days we live in the Hudson Hotel New York, close to Central Park. It’s a design hotel. Our room is small, a little bit cold and it’s thin windows, so we can hear almost everything from the street.

Cozy lobby in our hotel.

The interview

Studierna Posted on Sun, October 25, 2015 02:15:05

Yesterday, directly after my interview I wrote this:

When I went to the interview I took bus 13, as my directions. I asked the bus driver about my bus stop and that I have to change to bus 14. He said that he will tell me when I have to get off. I noticed outside the window that we drove in wrong direction. I dubble checked in my cellphone and saw at the map that I was totally wrong. I asked the bus driver again and he said that this bus connect with bus 14 (-but in another bus stop far far away). I get off the bus when he told me and have to wait 20 minutes for bus 14. I talked with a man from Texas about foreigners in Europe while we was waiting. When I arrived to my interview 40 minutes later then I expected I was so happy that I had calculated to be late, and have to wait 20 minutes before it was time for my interview.

I didn’t feel comfortable during the interview today. I didn’t get the same feeling about the company when I visited them as I got when I visited their homepage. It’s really difficult for me to convince and explain why they need me as a volunteer. They had also tried to change the date for the interview and sent mail to Lisa, the responsible for the volunteer program. So they didn’t expect me.

But now, it’s the best time anyway. The feeling after my interview but before I meet Sebastian. I’m so happy right now!