Hi, I’m alive, even if I haven’t wrote in my blog for a lot of days. Sebastian went home tonight. We had a fantastic, fun and romantic week together. We tested a lot of restaurants, visited a musical, museum and a hockey game, walked a lot and I think that I know Manhattan even better now. We both love this city. I think that NYC become better for every day and I think in the beginning Manhattan became smaller and smaller for me because I got a better understanding for the streets, avenues, the subway and so on, but now it feels like Manhattan become bigger again, because I’m trying to explore more, walk new streets and avenues without to use my (broken) map and figure it out the best places (and it’s definitely not 5th avenue and Time Square – the most crowded part of Manhattan).

It was easier when Sebastian leave me today if I compare with the last time he visited me. I think it depend on that we were able to handled the last four weeks in a really good way and I think another reason is that we focused on our cat today who became sick this weekend and we need to solve the situation over the coming weeks. We have to talk with the veterinary tomorrow and see what she recommend. If she recommend some of us to stay at home with the cat, it have to be me, because Sebastian can’t take more days off from his job. And you know – the cats is our babies so it’s important to follow the recommendation. But we will see. I think it’s bad that we haven’t pet days in Sweden, as we have for the children…

Here are some pictures from our lovely week:

Hot chocolate in the sun.

From one of our walks in Central Park. A fantastic tree and a fantastic day.

Then it was time for Phantom of the opera.

Another day we ate in a fine dining india restaurant. The food was excellent, even if I couldn’t capture it in a photo…

And the dessert… Mmmm. Coconut sorbet served in a coconut.

Sebastian was also satisfied with the dessert. Pistachio ice cream, I think.

Our hotel room. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was only one layer of glass in the window, so it was a little bit cold and we also heard a lot from the street, as polices, ambulances and cars. The location was perfect, closed to Columbus circle.

We visited Madison square garden and watched a hockey game, New York Rangers against Toronto. It was fun! We bought expensive popcorn and beers.

Entertainment in the break.

We visited a flea market, but we didn’t find anything.

Tapas and sangria in Gotham West Market.

A walk in Central Park in the evening. Both scary and cozy, because it was the Halloween evening.

Halloween parade in Manhattan. Unfortunately, I haven’t good pictures and I’m sorry for that because the costumes was really well made.

Tomorrow I know more about what happening next, if I’m stay or go home. I think it will be good in both way, but the most important is that Sebastian can handle the situation at home. We will see tomorrow. Good night!