Ok, I have to tell you that I’m going home. I’m sad of course. I’m not done and finished here but I’m also glad that I can solve the situation at home and become a help for my husband. If I had an internship and the school was better then maybe we could solve the situation in another way, but now it works for me to come home again.

I’m proud over myself and I’m so happy for this weeks. This weeks’ experience and adventure gave me so much! It feels great to do things you want to do but you’re in the same way scared about. Now I’m feeling more free than before. I’m able to shape my life just like I want.

In the introduction to this blog you can read that my goal with this trip was to be good in english, stretch my comfort zone and be stronger in myself. I have actually achieved my goal in this weeks, even if I didn’t finished my studies.

My last photo in NY:
Winfred, my classmate, and me. I had really interesting conversations and discussions with Winfred, he is so smart. Winfred is from China, a big city close to Hong Kong.

Positive review:

– All people I have met: Sophie, Winfred, Anastasie, Jessy, Paola, Tim, Taishi, Tan-Tan, Noemi, Ophelie, Ayleen, Noelia, Javier and others. People from all over the world.

– New York! It’s perfect to have a lot of time to explore the city. I’m feel at home here.

– I have improved my english and become more comfortable to speak english, express myself and say things before I know how I can explain it in english – I just saying it.

– I’m able to joke in english and have fun and short conversations with the staff when I’m shopping. In this way I’m also feel more free, before I stopped myself as soon as I heard someone speak english and became nervous. I hated to speak english before, especially in Sweden, because it was embarrassing to let other people know how bad I was, but now it’s fun to speak even if I don’t speak perfect!

– Every day this trip I have speak so much english – and now it feels strange to speak Swedish. Haha.

– Interviews in english is always a good experience.

– I know that I can and that I am strong enough to do a travel like this alone.

– Of course I missed Sebastian, but I could handle it in a really good way and it’s good to know. The weeks passed so fast.

Negative review:

– EF had a lot of time (since july) to find an internship to me, but couldn’t. I chose EF because of the possibility to have an internship and make my resume sharper – but they couldn’t do what they promised. I’m dissapointed!

– EF NYC is too far away from Manhattan and it’s expensive to take the train.

– The classes was sometimes boring and when it was like that I didn’t felt motivation. I mean when it’s too much grammar and our teacher in the same time say that we don’t need to focus in grammar it feels weird. I prefer to learn grammar in funnier ways.

– It was too many younger people at school and it felt like to live in a high school. Even if I look young I’m not 20 in my brain.

– The students prefer to be social with people who speak the same language.

– The computer system and communication wasn’t good at all in school. Like the first day then I got the same bed like someone els and when EF-activities didn’t start but no one told us – twise! And then I the first week got information that I have to leave my room and that a new student will move in the room – but I was both. Staff knocked at the door and asked if I had moved and so on. It was confusing and annoying.

– The experience was better than the school. I really enjoy adventure and need more adventure during my weekdays at home too.

And New York – you have to know that we are back soon and that you will become our home in the future. Because we love you!