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Emelie - New York (2015)

Emelies NYC-äventyr

Den 20 september drar jag ensam till New York, med en engelska jag känner mig minst sagt obekväm med.
Målet är att äntligen bli bra på engelska, tänja trygghetszonen och bli ännu starkare i mig själv.

Under tre månader ska jag studera på EF:s skola i Tarrytown och bo i ett rum tillsammans med andra, vilket är långt ifrån det liv som jag lever hemma i Göteborg med make och två katter.

Välkomna att följa min resa!

The interview

Studierna Posted on Sun, October 25, 2015 02:15:05

Yesterday, directly after my interview I wrote this:

When I went to the interview I took bus 13, as my directions. I asked the bus driver about my bus stop and that I have to change to bus 14. He said that he will tell me when I have to get off. I noticed outside the window that we drove in wrong direction. I dubble checked in my cellphone and saw at the map that I was totally wrong. I asked the bus driver again and he said that this bus connect with bus 14 (-but in another bus stop far far away). I get off the bus when he told me and have to wait 20 minutes for bus 14. I talked with a man from Texas about foreigners in Europe while we was waiting. When I arrived to my interview 40 minutes later then I expected I was so happy that I had calculated to be late, and have to wait 20 minutes before it was time for my interview.

I didn’t feel comfortable during the interview today. I didn’t get the same feeling about the company when I visited them as I got when I visited their homepage. It’s really difficult for me to convince and explain why they need me as a volunteer. They had also tried to change the date for the interview and sent mail to Lisa, the responsible for the volunteer program. So they didn’t expect me.

But now, it’s the best time anyway. The feeling after my interview but before I meet Sebastian. I’m so happy right now!

Field Day

Studierna Posted on Fri, October 23, 2015 05:54:21

We haven’t any classes tomorrow because it’s Field Day. We will choose Mind, Heart or Body and then they put us in different team. If you choose Mind you have to play same games, maybe strategic games and if you choose Heart you will dance and in the afternoon you have to make a performance infront of the school. If you pick Body you will play soccer, go running or something like that.

Actually, I haven’t understand the reason for the Field Day yet, but I think the teachers have education tomorrow.

Update with a photo from Field Day when we builded a bridge.

Next interview

Studierna Posted on Fri, October 23, 2015 05:17:46

It’s time for my second interview tomorrow and I’m nervous of course, but in a good way. I have read a lot about the company but I have to think more about what I can say to convince them. I’m apply for a volunteer position in the HR office. I need to bring my biggest luggage to the interview because when I’m finish I will directly catch the train to Manhattan and meet Sebastian. It will be a great day tomorrow! Honestly, I look forward to the minutes after the interview, even if I’m curious about the company.

Transport time to the company is 10 minutes with car, 55 minutes to walk and nearly the same with bus, because I need to change bus. The public transport in Sweden is the best ever, if you compare it with the US’s.

C.1.1 – advanced level

Studierna Posted on Fri, October 16, 2015 19:10:52

I passed to the next level. It feels so good. My teacher told me that I’m was the second best in reading in my class and the part I have to practise even more in is writing. So I think it’s really good that I already is writing this blog.

Have a nice Friday!

Placement test

Studierna Posted on Wed, October 14, 2015 02:24:56

Tomorrow it’s time for everyone at school to do a Placement test. Every 6 weeks we have placement test to see if it’s time for a new step. This is my fourth week and I think that I’m not ready yet to be in a C.1.1 class, but I have to do the test anyway and then we will see. Actually I’m studying right now and for some minutes ago I did another test at EF:s homepage, but I’m still in the B-level.

If I don’t pass tomorrow I can speak with my teacher in about two weeks and get a new chance. I have to pass the test before in two weeks, because then my studies in this level are finished.

My first interview!

Studierna Posted on Fri, October 09, 2015 18:37:12

I met a really nice and helpful man today at my interview, the president for the company. This company hire people like CEO:s and other professionals and he said that it’s important with a higher level in my english skills to be a help for them right now, to have interviews with job seekers for example. (I don’t think that he actually read my resume and cover letter before for he didn’t know anything about me and niether about EF) I think that my interview was good even then I not passed, it was hard to describe some things but we understand each other. He asked about MI and I couldn’t describe the method in a good way in english, so I have to practise more.

The best of all: He, the president, have contact with other recruitment and staffing companies (like Manpower and au-pair companies) and will send my resume and cover letter to them. We talked about how to think when I search for volunteer positions and how I in the best way can improve my english skills and at the same way have easier to get a job when I’m back in Sweden.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to have an interview like this, it’s a perfect practise both for my english improve but also to practise interview situations.

I took the bus to White Plains after the interview and changed to a train. When I wrote this I’m in my way to Manhattan and to celebrate my brave.

Before my interview. I was really nervous but also excited.

After the interview I was really proud over myself. I think it’s important to appreciate yourself when you have done something you earlier were scared for and remember the feeling of proudness before next time you challenge your habits.


Studierna Posted on Fri, October 09, 2015 05:00:20

Today I met the responsible for the volunteer program and we had an interview to practice before tomorrow. It was really useful for me. Because tomorrow it’s an important day – my first interview in english. I prefer to have a lot of challenge in my life, because the feeling when you have make it is worth everything. I’m also proud over myself to actually take this chance with internship, even if it’s so much easier to stay at school and have ordinary lessons. But I’m here for challenging, improving and make my comfortable zon wider – so let’s go and wish me good luck!


Studierna Posted on Thu, October 08, 2015 05:37:52

Today in class we have a debate about leadership – are you born like a leader or you can become a leader. It was interesting to see how we change in class when we have to argument against each other. I think it’s really fun with debate even if it’s difficult. During the debate I felt that I was active and speak directly without to think how I in the best way could explain what I have to say, in a good way I think. In a debate it’s good to think of course, but you can’t be to slow. Sometimes it worked today, but it was one point I couldn’t explain and everyone look at me like they were lost. But like in everything you do, you have to be brave and fall sometimes to improve your skills.

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